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Posted in design, kitchen by menno1976 on March 9, 2010

Although I’m a total tea fanatic, I never pay much attention to how I serve it. Then I saw these trivets….


September Infusion

Posted in food by menno1976 on September 11, 2009

For a great September Infusion (my mum’s recipe) try this:

1 tbsp. Elder blossom
1 tbsp. Birch leaves
1 tbsp. Horsetail
1 tbsp. Lavender
1 tbsp. Nettles

I always make it from dried herbs, I don’t know if it would work with fresh ones (might be a bit too grassy).

Just tear up the leaves and pour boiling water over it.

I don’t know if this herbal infusion is good for anything, but I just like the delicate flavour of Lavender and Elder. You can add some honey if you like it a bit sweeter (it’s already quite sweet because of the flowers). It’s also nice to have it chilled as an ice tea.

images by The New York Public Library


Posted in design, kitchen by menno1976 on September 7, 2009


photo by Knorp

Cako, my new cat, is a cheeky one. He likes to keep me awake at night by biting my toes and is skilled at stealing chicken legs from the saucepan. The other day he knocked over a glass that I left on the kitchen counter and my heart stopped for a moment…”not my Bodum mug!!” Luckily he just broke one of my cheap glasses, but from now on I do stow away my precious Bodum mugs.

These mugs are so practical. The double walled blown glass works as a perfect insulator, and of course they look pretty cool too.

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