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Pavé by Kreoo

Posted in design, furniture, interiors by menno1976 on April 17, 2010

So I just got back from Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan and loved it! I spotted a couple of trends such as combining organic and synthetic materials, psychedelic flowers, and rough, tribal, natural shapes and materials.

I really liked Pavé by Kreoo (owned by Italian marble processing company Decormarmi). These stools look like giant pebbles with driftwood and they can turn around a built-in axis.



Mario Bellini

Posted in furniture by menno1976 on October 2, 2009

Earlier this year I purchased five retro Amanta sections by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia. I still want to reupholster them, but I already like them very much as they are (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them of course..).
I wanted to share these photos of retro modular couches by Mario Bellini with you.

Amanta for B&B Italia (the company was called C&B at the time), 1966


Amanta for B&B Italia, 1966


Cameleonda for B&B Italia, 1972

Cameleonda for B&B Italia, 1972

Bambole for B&B Italia, 1973 (upholstered with original Levi’s denim)
photo by DesigFFM Select

Bambole for B&B Italia, 1973

Mario Bellini’s activities range from architecture and urban design to furniture and industrial design. Many of his designs are now in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.