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Satyendra Pakhalé

Posted in design by menno1976 on February 12, 2010

I found this designer’s work through Cor Unum’s (one of my favourite Dutch ceramic manufacturers) website.
I love the sculptural aspect in his designs, it somehow makes me think of totems or perhaps Boli from Africa.
Satyendra Pakhalé, Industrial Designer, was born in India now lives and works from Amsterdam. Check out his website for more wonderful designs.


Thank you India…

Posted in photography by menno1976 on February 9, 2010

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Posted in Uncategorized by menno1976 on January 13, 2010

I’m on a well-deserved :) holiday in India at the moment. I’m taking some pictures for your inspiration on my trip from Amritsar all the way down to Kerala. Be sure to check out NewAngles in February!


Metal Candle Holders

Posted in design, interiors by menno1976 on November 2, 2009

The chilly season is upon many of us. It’s the perfect time to light some candles and snuggle up under a nice blanket…

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Vladimir Bakun

Posted in art, crafts - art by menno1976 on November 1, 2009

Today I went to the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam and saw lots of nice things… I love Vladimir Bakun‘s smooth wooden sculptures. They were surprisingly light (yes we were allowed to pick them up), since they’re hollow.  

Vladimir was born in Siberia and learned to work with wood in the lumber camps in the dense Siberian forests. 

His dad, an accomplished woodworker himself, taught him the refined Russian woodworking techniques. Later on, at the foot of Kuznetskiy Alatau ( Кузнецкий Алатау) he learned to carve spirit totems under the guidance of members of a local Mongolian tribe.

In 1993 he moved to the Netherlands, where it was much harder to find nice wood. He nonetheless pursued his quest for creating beautiful wooden sculptures by using local driftwood and broken branches he found in the dunes along the coast.

Vladimir developed a special technique to bring out the ‘heart’ of the wood.


Posted in crafts - design, interiors by menno1976 on October 29, 2009

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Posted in interiors by menno1976 on October 28, 2009

I’ve been looking for a way to cast concrete objects such as planters, and then I found this company.I don’t think I’m even gonna try anymore…these are just perfect!

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Posted in furniture, interiors by menno1976 on October 27, 2009

Some eco-furniture for your inspiration!

Fiji Hanging Lamp
Z Gallerie

Kenmochi Design Associates
Round Rattan Chair C-315-E
manufactured by Yamakawa Rattan

Bell 95

Pati Chair

Rattan Barstools
1970’s, the Netherlands

Lolah, easy armchair
Kenneth Cobonpue

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Françoise Nielly

Posted in art by menno1976 on October 24, 2009

More neon colours! Check out these dynamic portraits (oil on canvas, palette knife) by Françoise Nielly

Michael Dotson

Posted in art by menno1976 on October 23, 2009

Quite often illustrations and art in general make me think of music and videos (and the other way around too of course). Michael Dotson‘s paintings make me think of Tron, Daft Punk, Justice and Yelle… love the crazy colours as well as the surreal perspective.

Straight to the Dome
Acrylic on canvas

VIP Only
Acrylic on canvas

Dream Car Celebration at Tyrell Corporation
Acrylic on Canvas

Rinse Out
Coloured pencil and marker on paper


Untitled installation

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