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Posted in design, fashion by menno1976 on April 17, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I met the lovely Marian van Essen, a talented artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She invited me to her wonderful studio to show me what she had been working on…we had a very interesting chat about life, death and mourning and she told me about traditional and forgotten mourning rites.
Apparently people used to wear mourning buttons as a sign of grief. These were usually intricately carved or faceted black buttons, with a symbolism of their own, such as the rope, which stands for the thread of life and inlaid pearls, which stand for tears. I was quite impressed by Marian’s collection of beautiful mourning buttons.

Marian has been looking for a contemporary mourning token, so she developed the parlAmore, a disc made of Onyx (for releasing the past, protection and transformation of negative energies) or red Jasper (which is said to have a soothing and healing effect on body and mind). The little mother-of-pearl button attached to the parlAmore can easily be replaced by a button of your choice (of a dearly departed) to create a mourning button with a specific character, a new way to carry with you a tangible memento of your loved one.

The parlAmore comes in a gorgeously handmade Alder wood box, wrapped in a white linen cloth (furoshiki style).

More info on parlAmore or interesting facts on mourning:



Posted in design, fashion by menno1976 on March 16, 2010 you might know I’m a big Goldfrapp fan. They’re about to release their latest album titled “Head First” and the website has been restyled to fit the new theme which is a modern take on eighties retro-futurism. I’ve seen this trend popping up here and there and even though it’s really over the top, I sort of like it. (I’m usually more into organic, natural styles)

Retro-futurism is characterized by streamlined shapes, the fantasy of a utopian society, exaggerated sci-fi buildings and vehicles, geometry (especially triangles), a cool palette (purple, fuschia, electric blue) and of course lots of metal.

Check out these images for some retro-futurist inspiration! 

retro illustrations via

Bela Borsodi

Posted in art, fashion, photography by menno1976 on September 8, 2009

Bela Borsodi‘s is an expert in taking things out of their context and by transforming the way we see them. This change of perspective is both intriguing as it is controversial.

For his Foot Fetish series for V Magazine he cut out prints of naked women and placed them in the shoes. This caused quite a stir among various feminist groups… I personally like Borsodi’s work very much because it’s not your average fashion still life, it’s cheeky and will definitely be discussed.
I love how cutting out cardboard, paper and the use of other non-contextual materials sets his work aside from “normal” still lifes. The way he turns ordinary objects into real characters is just so much fun!