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Feline Art

Posted in art by menno1976 on March 18, 2010

DrFranken sent me his latest wonderfully detailed airbrush illustration of a leopard, which inspired me to look for more feline art. 

Either feared or revered, different species of felines have continued to intrigue us throughout history. We have attributed them with different aspects, which in particular,
are connected to authority, warfare, power and protection: King of the animal kingdom, Lord of the Jungle, sacred to the Egyptian goddess Bast, trickster, symbol of bravery, etc.

Hope you enjoy these kitties!

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Posted in design, fashion by menno1976 on March 16, 2010 you might know I’m a big Goldfrapp fan. They’re about to release their latest album titled “Head First” and the website has been restyled to fit the new theme which is a modern take on eighties retro-futurism. I’ve seen this trend popping up here and there and even though it’s really over the top, I sort of like it. (I’m usually more into organic, natural styles)

Retro-futurism is characterized by streamlined shapes, the fantasy of a utopian society, exaggerated sci-fi buildings and vehicles, geometry (especially triangles), a cool palette (purple, fuschia, electric blue) and of course lots of metal.

Check out these images for some retro-futurist inspiration! 

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Posted in design, kitchen by menno1976 on March 9, 2010

Although I’m a total tea fanatic, I never pay much attention to how I serve it. Then I saw these trivets….