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Posted in art by menno1976 on October 6, 2009

I don’t know why exactly but I’m intrigued by pictures of humans with animal heads and I often find myself comparing people to animals… Am I the only one who does that?..

I found some interesting info on anima (part human, part animalarchetypes) here.

The anima often appears as a part animal, part human creature – a therianthropic figure – signifying its mediation between the human and otherworldly dimensions. It appears in cultural mythologies and personal dreams and fantasies as a compelling force which seeks to unite the conscious ego with the unconscious forces of the wider Self.

Dr. Joan Relke – University of New England

Sekhmet, the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of retribution.
Photo by ChrisGoldNY

Drawings by Graham Samuels for Whyred

Eagle-headed Neo-Assyrian Genie (883-859 BC)

Album cover art Train – Goldfrapp Developed by Big Active and Alison Goldfrapp

For more animal head weirdness check out Goldfrapp’s Number One

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