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Pipaluk Lake

Posted in art by menno1976 on October 5, 2009

“Four Layers”

Danish glass artist Pipaluk Lake‘s gorgeous sculptures remind me of thawing glaciers, polished jade and Chinese scholar stones (or spirit stones 供石, which resemble the primordial perfection of things that are in their original, natural state). You can find out more about Chinese scholar/spirit stones here.

Pipaluk Lake began her work with glass after first studying carpentry and wood-carving and then textile design. She compares herself to a bespoke tailor, clipping pieces of sheet metal, bending, shaping and fixing them together to form a body, or binding metal around the glass to “sew” it together.
“Heat-softened sheets of (window) glass can then be draped like textiles (and) the metal can be made to leave its mark on the glass, decorating the surface in a natural manner.”
For her, the process is a juxtaposition of “natural laws with the more undefined aspects of life.” She refers to the organic forms and themes of Art Nouveau, the root of the modern Danish tradition, in addition to the Expressionism that prevailed in 1980’s Danish and German painting as influences on her work.
via Chappell Gallery



“Filliciniae II”

“Three by Four”


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