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Posted in food by menno1976 on September 14, 2009


Traditional mooncake
image by The Regent Singapore

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (zhongqiujie) falls on October 3rd this year. There are several legends surrounding the origins of this harvest festival. People celebrate it by dancing, moon-gazing and having lots of nice food, especially mooncakes…

Lavender mooncake
image by Fenf3n

Mooncakes come in different sizes and flavours. When I had my first traditional mooncake, I was a bit surprised to find a salty yolk in the middle of the sweet lotus paste.

I found a nice selection of interesting, unusual and beautiful mooncakes on Veron’s blog.

Peony Jade‘s Wild Strawberry and Banana

Bakerzin‘s mooncakes – Sesame Truffle, Brandied Cherry Truffle, Rum&Raisin, Pink Champagne Truffle and Malt Whiskey Truffle.

Peony Jade‘s Lychee-tini mooncake


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  1. Casa Archidona said, on September 15, 2009 at 07:36

    Wow..they look like soaps. Do you know where I can buy these mooncakes?
    The Lavender and Lychee ones I would like to taste..yummy.

  2. menno1976 said, on September 15, 2009 at 11:25

    They do look a bit soapy, but believe you me, they don’t taste like soap at all! You can find mooncakes at your local Chinatown. I had a look at your blog ( )and noticed that you are leaving for Madrid in 15 days…I wouldn’t know if there’s a chinatown in Madrid. But then again, I’m sure you can find lotsa other yummy pastries there! :)

    • Casa Archidona said, on September 18, 2009 at 22:12

      Thanks for your reply. That’s correct I am leaving to Madrid.
      When I find the mooncakes in Madrid’s Chinatown, I will certainly let you know if they are just as tasty as they look =)

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