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Posted in design, interiors, lighting by menno1976 on September 12, 2009

I’m feeling a bit retro today…so I thought I’d show you my favourite Raak lamps. Raak Light Architecture was set up in Amsterdam in 1954. The name Raak (Dutch for ‘hit’ or ‘strike’) implies a company that hits the nail on the head, both in function and design.

I bought three of these (Springfontein – design by Bertrand Balas 1974) a couple of years ago and I still love them! The lamp’s silhouette as well as the way it casts its light downwards and against the ceiling makes it one of my favourites (the other being the Hippodrome lamp by Quasar).

image by Elle Decor Italia

Raak Bolide by Hermian Sneyders de Vogel 1971. Visit Hermian’s website for more gorgeous lamps, jewelry and other design:
image by

Raak Globe 2000 by Frank Ligtelijn 1970.

image by



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