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Béton Ciré

Posted in bathroom, crafts - design, design, DIY, interiors, kitchen by menno1976 on September 12, 2009

Last week I went to Via eStudio in Amsterdam to learn more about Béton Ciré, a waterproof cement plaster (a 2 to 6mm layer), that can be applied to bathroom surfaces, kitchen counters, walls and even outdoor furniture. The great thing about this material is that you can virtually apply it to any surface (even glazed tiles and metal!).
During the workshop I learned to prepare the mortar, did some plastering and was shown how to finish the product (sanding and applying a coating).

Béton Ciré (translates as wax-coated cement) is a French product that was developed about 10 years ago. Because it’s quite easy to handle, it’s very suitable for non-professionals too. The great thing about it is that it comes in a 100 different colours and that one can apply different finishing techniques to obtain either rustic or more modern styles. 












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