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Flowing lines

Posted in architecture by menno1976 on September 2, 2009

The last few years I’ve noticed that faceted, crystal-like shapes were becoming more and more popular in both architecture and interior design. At the same time there seems to be another trend which is heading in the opposite direction. Round, flowing, organic shapes create a soothing and serene atmosphere which is still dynamic enough for commercial spaces such as restaurants or bars. Boston-based architects Office dA turned the Penny Saving Bank into this flowing birch and bamboo sanctum.

Another great example of this style is the 2008 Pavilion of the Ayuntamento de Madrid (Book Fair Pavilion) La Casa de Librio by Olga Sanina and Marcelo Dantas. The ribbed structure was made of fabric.




This tea house by Kengo Kuma may look somewhat like an ice cave. I do think it would make a fine tea house, because of it’s translucent, yet private character. This ethereal space places the emphasis on the guests, the tea and the ceramics being used in the ceremony.











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