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Japanese sweet delicacies (wagashi)

Posted in food by menno1976 on September 1, 2009

My ikebana sensei always treats us to Japanese delicacies such as Yokan (sweet bean jelly) and Kasutera (sponge cake – Castella). I totally fell in love with the refined flavour, texture and presentation of Japanese sweets and decided to find out more about it. I found that most of the wagashi are not as rich and sweet as Western desserts. Natural ingredients such as azuki, green tea, fruits and herbs are favoured over artificial flavourings and scents.
Find out more about the background of these sweet delicacies at Toraya, a Japanese confectionery with shops in Paris, New York and several Japanese cities.

Higashiya is another fine confectionery with seasonal delicacies such as steamed cake stuffed with purple beans and strawberries covered in white bean paste and glutinous rice. Check out the photos of their shops, they all look amazing!
Their online shop is in Japanese only.

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