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Nara Yoshitomo

Posted in art by menno1976 on September 30, 2009

When my dad saw Japanese artist Nara Yoshitomo’s Puff Marshie at the outdoor ArtZuid exhibition in Amsterdam he didn’t know what to think of it. He first thought of it as cute, then a little creepy and yes…also intriguing. I think Nara’s work gained popularity exactly because of that juxtaposition.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam before October 26, 2009 check out ArtZuid, the exhibition along the “Apollolaan” and ” Minervalaan”.

“Puff Marshie”

“Harmless Kitty”

“Agent Orange in the Milky Lake”
photo by Blum&Poe



Posted in lighting by menno1976 on September 29, 2009

These are just the perfect lamps for me! The organic “growths” and the geometric shapes go so well together. I love how it looks so industrial, yet very natural.
London-based Dutch designer Els Woldhek created these “Accidentels” by electro-plating plastic with copper.I didn’t even know you could electro-plate plastic…

Wrapped up

Posted in furniture by menno1976 on September 28, 2009

What do you think is the deeper meaning of this trend of wrapping things up? 

“Carbon Chair” by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders

“Balloona Stool” by Natalie Kruch for Umbra

Ottoman by Tham & Videgård Hansson

Unconventional bookshelves

Posted in furniture, interiors by menno1976 on September 27, 2009

“Target” by Nendo for Arketipo

“Kwan” by Studio Ditte

“Rek” by Reinier de Jong

Marianne Kemp

Posted in fabrics by menno1976 on September 25, 2009

Dutch textile designer Marianne Kemp has developed unique techniques to create the most wonderful textures and contrasts in her work. She is an expert at weaving horsehair which is mainly sourced from Mongolian horses. Manipulating the hair in various ways, such as by knotting, curling and looping it, she creates a fascinating texture, in which she plays with the different qualities of horsehair: shiny and smooth, organic and wild, flexible and stiff.

Kako Ueda

Posted in art, crafts - art by menno1976 on September 24, 2009

Kako Ueda (or Ueda Kako, Ueda being her surname) is a paper-artist who is influenced by the interconnectedness of animals, insects, and human bodies and how they are born out of nature as well as being influenced and modified by culture. Her work relies on the notion that the body is an ecosystem in itself and you can certainly see this in her holistic approach in her work.

Apparently she’s working on a new piece which is about 7 feet high, but alas…I don’t have any pictures of it yet. So in the meantime I will share some of her older work with you.

This piece made me think of the myth of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology. (life and death are inseparable, as represented by the rat gnawing at the roots of the tree. In the Norse myth decay is represented by Níðhöggr, a malicious dragon or serpent.)

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Petra Vonk – textile design

Posted in fabrics by menno1976 on September 23, 2009

Amsterdam-based textile designer Petra Vonk worked as a knitwear designer for various international labels after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her textiles are the result of the synthesis of high tech techniques and traditional craft focussing on knitted fabrics. I admire her for reinventing those typical Dutch sheers (which generally look awful imo…).


Close-up of a wall tapestry. High tech laser treatment and traditional embroidery on knitted fabric.

Typical Dutch sheer curtains…


Posted in interiors by menno1976 on September 23, 2009

Do you remember Janet Jackson’s Any Time Any Place? This sensual video starts with Janet sitting on her bed. The velvet, those colours and Janet of course…wow!
What do you think of Elle Decor Italia’s velvet interiors?

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Kate MccGwire

Posted in art by menno1976 on September 22, 2009

Kate MccGwire’s work asks questions about the very nature of beauty. She’s intrigued by the possibility of envisaging beauty as something more complex than merely what delights the senses: beauty can be about a problem; it can be something that repels you or makes you question the status quo. This London-based artist collects and sorts materials from hundreds of different sources over a period of months to create her pieces. The result is amazing…




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Aldo Bakker

Posted in design, furniture, kitchen by menno1976 on September 21, 2009

Dutch designer Aldo Bakker‘s work is designed to influence the factor of “time”. Eternity and endlessness are recurring concepts in his pieces. His work is smooth, durable and serene, yet dynamic enough to capture one’s attention. The pieces provoke a kind of meditative state in its beholders, slowing the passage of time and creating a “time gap”.

Materials used are silver, ceramics, glass, wood and Urushi (Japanese lacquer).

technical ceramics, green tea Urushi

Water carafe, porcelain

Milk or oil can , porcelain

I also like Aldo Bakker’s furniture very much, it’s so otherworldly…

Stool no.2, Ice blue Urushi

Side table, Lilac Urushi